Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Car rubbish dumping.

A typical scene of couldn't careless attitude. Throwing paper and tissue (and sometimes rubbish) out of your car. Why can't they bring an empty plastic bag, and throw all their rubbish into that plastic bag and bring the rubbish home or to the nearest rubbish bin? This scene is on the outskirt of KL, and the car owner is most probably living in the condo nearby.
Worse scenerio is during fruit seasons where you see children (and adults) throwing the fruit skins out of car windows while the car is travelling (and sometimes the car stopping by the road side). And worse when you visit a picnic spot (in Malaysia); they seem to think that the spot is also their rubbish dumping ground, (with PVC and polystryene bags and boxes thrown all over).
Most deplorable.

Do we really care?


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