Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We think we are civilised! We are dirty.

Soon my town will be converted into a City, but is it ready? Are we redy? Is this City status for real or is it just politically motivated, the people thinking that we have progressed, and that we are already are advanced? Look closely, is a City status just a sham?.

We want to look civilise, so we built pavements. Is this what the town folks get after about 1 year now?

Right smack in the centre of my town the long uncut grass, the rubbish all over the places, the dirty stalls next to the ribbish and the smelly drain. How do people tolerate all these, how do they eat the food at the stalls, don't they have sensitive noses?

They can hardly tell the difference between a flower pot and a rubbish bin. Its a rubbish bin now, a broken rubbish bin. Its a public amenity, a mean of beautifying the town but do the public care?.

And this guy, putting his rubbish on the road where the traffic is quite heavy. What id a vehicle runs over them won't it be a mess? Not his problem I suppose. Such stupid attitude ....... selfish.

These back streets are nothing to be proud of. Maybe they are cleaned once in a while, but can't they clean them more often? And the rats in these streets, they are half the size of a normal cat. Wish I can take photographs of these rats.

Do we really care?



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